Sustainable Leadership Masterclass

Recognize the opportunities of change and develop the necessary skills to lead in a rapidly changing world.

Sustainable Leadership Masterclass A1

Masterclass Facts

Company Transformation

Transition towards a green economy

Sustainable Leadership in times of change

Climate change has already a significant impact on our planet, society, our business, employees and the entire value chain. Managers and leaders therefore play a critical role in this rapidly changing world. They need a good understanding of the current challenges, and the skills to successfully lead our organization through the transition towards a green economy. By embedding sustainability into our corporate DNA and everyday actions, we can expand on our pioneering role in sustainability within the information and communications technologies sector.

The Sustainable Leadership Masterclass creates the awareness and competencies needed to tackle this sustainable transformation, overcome ESG-related challenges, and seize new opportunities for our business.

Journey 2

Our education offer

Leadership skills for a sustainable future

The Sustainable Leadership Masterclass provides you with a fundamental understanding of the challenges related to ESG and climate change. After completing this course you will have the ability to combine business and sustainability goals and lead in the times of change.

The six-week long online masterclass consists of comprehensive live and on-demand content provided by leading experts enabling you to:

  • Identify ESG-related business opportunities and risks
  • Implement sustainable practices in your department, business unit,...
  • Embed climate action and sustainability in your everyday work
Thomas arnolder portrait

A personal message from Thomas Arnoldner

Why Sustainable Leadership matters now more than ever

“We have set ourselves ambitious targets in our new ESG Strategy. This journey ahead demands more than mere awareness or skill enhancement across our workforce. It calls for a new breed of leadership - leaders who grasp the profound business implications of this transformation into a sustainable enterprise.

Our specially tailored Sustainability Masterclass is your compass on this journey. It is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to navigate this transformative landscape. But more importantly, it's your tool to ignite the spark of change within our teams.

As leaders, you are the torchbearers of this transformation. You have the unique ability to motivate your teams, to stoke their passion for sustainability, and to guide them towards our shared ambition. Remember, we aren't just leading for today - we're pioneering a sustainable tomorrow. Together, we can take action, champion sustainability, and reach our ambitious ESG goals.”

What to expect from the Masterclass

Sustainable Leadership Program Details

Understanding the urgency for action

Session 1
Live & On-Demand
Sep 25, 2023 , 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

90 minutes of live content (60 minutes of keynote presentations and 30 minutes of interactive group work).
Available live via Zoom and on-demand afterwards

In Session 1 of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass, you'll learn about the opportunities and challenges related to climate change and better understand the urgency to act now.
The session will be opened by CEO Thomas Arnoldner and his take on why sustainability is so crucial for the A1 Telekom Austria Group.

After completing Session 1, you will be able to better understand the following:

Climate Action 1x1
Why is our planet warming up? What are the causes of the current climate change?
Climate change has always existed - what is different this time?
What can we do to prevent the climate crisis from becoming a climate catastrophe?


Marcus Wadsak

Marcus Wadsak​, Meteorologist, ORF

Thomas Arnoldner

Thomas Arnoldner, Chief Executive Officer, A1 Telekom Austria Group

The role of A1 leaders - Sensing & Seizing the opportunities for change

Session 2
Live & On-Demand
Sep 28, 2023 , 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


  • 90 minutes of live content (60 minutes of keynote presentations and 30 minutes of interactive group work).
  • Available live via Zoom and on-demand afterwards


In Session 1 of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass, you'll learn the role and responsibilities of sustainable leaders.

After completing Session 1, you will be able to better understand the following:

Every job is a climate job

  • Why every job is a climate job
  • Why climate action is a business model

Sensing opportunities for change

  • What are my most important tasks as a leader for sustainable change?
  • What is the differences between continuous and radical change in leadership?
  • How can I use the "dominant logic" for change and sustainable leadership?
  • How can I tap into potential sources of information to identify relevant sustainability trends?



Andreas Tschas, Co-Founder & CEO, Glacier

Barbara Kump

Barbara Kump, Prof. for Business & Sustainability, University of Twente

Group ESG Strategy & OpCo local projects

Session 3
Live & On-Demand
Oct 2, 2023 , 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


40 minutes of live content (ESG Group presents the overall A1 ESG Strategy)

40 minute of live content in breakout rooms (Each OpCo ESG lead presents local ESG initiatives)


In this “internal” session you will learn about the leavers behind the current ESG developments as well as the overall A1 Group ESG Strategy.

Additionally, in breakout rooms (1 per OpCo), you will learn about the local E, S and G initiatives and gain information about current and upcoming projects.


Raffaela Ortner

Raffaela Ortner, Head of Group ESG Strategy

Portraitfoto Johannes Scherrer

Johannes Scherrer, Senior Environmental Program Manager, A1

The Strategy toward Net Zero

Session 4
Live & On-Demand
Oct 12, 2023 , 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


  • 90 minutes of live content (60 minutes of keynote presentations and 30 minutes of interactive group work).
  • Available live via Zoom and on-demand afterwards


In Session 4 of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass, you'll learn about the different definitions of sustainability related vocabulary and what we need to keep in mind to actually achieve the net zero goal.

After completing Session 4, you will be able to better understand the following:

The Strategy towards net zero:

  • What are the biggest drivers for climate protection and what does a business base for sustainability look like?
  • What is meant by net zero, climate neutrality and scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and how do they differ?
  • What makes a good net zero target and what concepts & strategies are needed to meet it?


GFLACIER Teamfotos Fotoshooting Studio Matphoto 2021 182

Philip Reuchlin, Head of Pioneers.Climate

Balancing business & sustainability goals

Session 5
Live & On-Demand
Oct 25, 2023 , 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


  • 90 minutes of live content (60 minutes of keynote presentations and 30 minutes of interactive group work)
  • Available live via Zoom and on-demand afterwards


In Live Session 5 of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass, you will acquire more in-depth knowledge about the concept of ESG, the most important regulatory standards and the relevant KPIs that matter for our company.

After completing Live Session 5, you will be able to better understand the following:

ESG-Regulation & KPIs

  • Which regulatory ESG challenges affect our company?
  • What actions do I need to set so that my department and business unit is well prepared for the future?
  • Which relevant KPIs result from the above topics?
  • What other voluntary ESG standards exist?


Eva Aschauer

Eva Aschauer​, Head of ESG, ​Partner Advisory, TPA

Theresa Kühmayer

Theresa Kühmayer​, ESG Consultant, TPA​

Team Engagement & Good Practice

Session 6
Live & On-Demand
Nov 9, 2023 , 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


  • 90 minutes of live content (60 minutes of keynote presentations and 30 minutes of interactive group work)
  • Available live via Zoom and on-demand afterwards


In Live Session 6 of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass, you will learn about several strategies and approaches on how to engage your employees in sustainabilty related projects and learn from other good practice companies.

After completing Live Session 6, you will be able to better understand the following:

Team Engagement:

  • Why is it so important to take employees on the internal climate change journey and how can I create the right incentives to activate employees?
  • How do I gain company-wide attention and communicate effectively with different stakeholders?
  • What are proven measures and best practices to bring employees along on this climate protection journey?

Good Practice

  • What worked really well for selected pioneer companies?
  • What were their implementation challenges and how did they overcome them?
  • What good practice projects and/or processes would they recommend to us?



Denise Kovarik, Senior Program Manager, Glacier & Good Practice Examples

Drew Wilkinson pic

Drew Wilkinson, Ex-Microsoft Sustainability Community Lead & Co-Founder

Transforming the organization

Session 7
Live & On-Demand
Nov 16, 2023 , 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM


  • 90 minutes of live content (60 minutes of keynote presentations and 30 minutes of interactive group work)
  • Available live via Zoom and on-demand afterwards


Live Session 7 of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass is all about a successful implementation of sustainability transformation in our company. In particular, we'll look at how to get the whole company and all employees on board and activate them to execute our sustainability and ESG strategy. We'll finish the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass with a summary of the entire course and all lessons learned.

After completing Live Session 7, you will be able to better understand the following:

Leading the transformation

  • How do we take the whole team on the journey to a sustainable future?
  • Sustainability is an emotionally challenging topic - how do we still manage to motivate everyone?
  • How can we listen to what concerns and uncertainties there are about this topic?

Recap & Closing​

  • Summary of the most important insights & key learnings
  • Reflection on the knowledge gained
  • Outlook and Next steps


Ali Mahlodji

Ali Mahlodji​, CEO & Founder, futureOne​

On-Demand Climate Action Modules


The following on-demand modules are available for asynchronous learning between live sessions:

Net Zero:
In this course, learners will gain a basic understanding of what net zero means, and how it is used as a target for negating the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Learners will explore the policy and regulatory frameworks related to net-zero emissions at different levels, understand the benefits for businesses, recognize barriers and strategies to overcome them, and gain practical knowledge of net-zero initiatives across industries. They will also evaluate net zero initiatives within their own organizations. By the end of this course, learner will have the awareness of why net zero is an important target that we need to reach.

Green Office:
We spend an average of 200 days a year at work, almost two-thirds of our time, for about 40 years. And like our daily habits, our work habits have a big impact on our climate and the carbon footprint of each and every one of us. And it is exactly these daily habits at work and what you can change to act more climate friendly that this course is about. Learn what resources are used in an average office or home office on a daily basis & how everyday work processes such as printing, commuting to work, waste disposal or the choice of lunch affect our climate, and how you can contribute to creating an environmentally friendly workplace - a so-called green office.

ESG 101:
This course is designed to help employees understand the key components of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and how to practically apply them to their roles. The course will provide an overview of the ESG framework, including definitions of each of the key components. Participants will learn how ESG considerations can impact their work, and gain practical skills for identifying where they can support ESG work within their roles. By using real life case studies, participants will develop a better understanding of how to integrate ESG considerations into their decision-making processes and how to communicate ESG performance to stakeholders. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in ESG and be better equipped to support their organization's sustainability goals.

Personal Carbon Footprint:
In this course you will learn everything you need to know about the CO₂ footprint so that you as an individual can make a positive contribution to climate change. Learn what the CO₂ footprint is and where it comes from. Get insights into how your own CO₂ footprint comes about and how you calculate it. In addition, we explain why it is absolutely necessary to reduce your CO₂ emissions and suggest concrete recommendations for your private and professional life.

Corporate Carbon Footprint:
In this module, you will learn everything you need to know about your company's CO₂ footprint so that you as an individual, but especially your company, can make a positive contribution to climate change. Learn how companies can calculate and reduce their CO2e emissions and, above all, what benefits can be derived from this. Get insights into how you as an employee can play a decisive role in CO2e reduction and what levers you as an individual can have.

Being a Climate Hero:

As children, we dreamed of being superheroes. Now is our chance - because it takes each and every one of us to solve the climate crisis and create a future worth living in.

Circular Economy:

This course covers the key concepts and benefits of the circular economy. The course is designed for individuals who want to understand the principles and benefits of a circular economy. Through this course, you will learn about the basics of the circular economy, including its definition, key principles, and why it is important for businesses and individuals to be aware of it. Additionally, you will learn about the ways in which companies can contribute to and benefit from a circular economy, including practical examples of good practices from real-world cases. The course is designed to be interactive and engaging, providing learners with the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Ready to take on the Sustainable Leadership role?

All important information at a glance

Hard Facts

Format: 100% Online (Live & On-Demand)

Start: September 25th, 2023

Committment: 6 Weeks à 90 Minutes

Language: English

SL 2

Learning objectives & highlights

Sustainability awareness and skills

After successful completion of the Sustainable Leadership Masterclass, you will:

  • Understand the background and urgency of climate change for our business
  • Understand the business case of sustainability
  • Be able to align business and sustainability goals
  • Understand ESG-related challenges and relevant KPIs for our business and your department
  • Learn good practices through case studies
  • Be able to apply what you have learned to your business context
  • Understand the role of the sustainable leader
  • Be able to shape the transformation of your department, business unit,...
  • Be empowered to engage your employees and colleagues in the sustainable transformation process
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A1 Sustainable Leadership Masterclass

Impact Measurement & Satisfaction

  • Overall Masterclass Rating: 4,5/5 Stars.
  • NPS 57%.
  • 96% participants are interested in taking part in further Glacier Courses.
  • 98% participants consider having gained relevant and profound sustainability knowledge for their job & industry (63% yes, 35% rather yes).
  • 96% participants feel empowered and motivated to drive sustainability in their business.
  • 87% participants feel that they have a better understanding of the A1 ESG strategy now.
  • 93% state that the Masterclass also had a positive impact on their personal behaviour in terms of sustainability.

Results based on the A1 Sustainable Leadership Masterclass conducted in June 2023.

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What privious participants say about the Masterclass

To be honest, it was quite shocking for me to hear in clear words that we are the first generation to feel the climate change and at the same time being the last generation that can still influence it on that. But raising awareness of the importance and what I personally can contribute was a real benefit from this training. (Birgit Brater; Head of Supply Chain)

A very comprehensive training about facts and measures for a sustainable behavior, and inspiring speakers who motivate us to lead in the transformation of our business models as well as our working lives. (Romana Aumer; Head of Customer 360°, Business Unit Enterprise)

In the spirit of Ann Marie Bonneaus quote “ We don´t need a handful of people doing carbon reduction perfectly – we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”, we as leaders have a special role - we are multipliers and should take our teams along on the ESG journey. The Masterclass offers nuggets of knowledge, many impulses, exchange & reflection on one's own actions - a perfect foundation to become a Sustainable Leader. (Britta Schindler; Head of People & Change)

What makes the Masterclass stand out

Your Benefits

Flexible Learning

The combination of live and on-demand content allows you not only to build up knowledge quickly, but also to integrate it into your individual workday in the best possible way. All sessions are available on-demand and can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.


In the Masterclass we'll be addressing specific leadership challenges in the context of climate change. We provide you with the relevant knowledge, competencies and skills in the area of climate action, sustainability and ESG and thus enable you to drive the sustainability transformation in your respective area.

Capabilities for the future

Upon completion of the Masterclass, you will receive an official certificate from the Glacier Climate Academy. You will also benefit from industry-specific good practices, case studies from companies facing the same challenges, and an exchange with experts and other course participants during the live sessions.

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Glacier Climate Academy

The Glacier Climate Academy supports companies in tackling the climate crisis and achieving their climate action and sustainability goals. We provide employees with the necessary awareness, knowledge and critical skills to implement climate action directly within the company, thus contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. The Glacier Climate Academy offers:

  • Application-oriented content with a focus on climate action, ESG and sustainability
  • Industry and audience specific courses for different employee groups
  • Experts from science and business
  • Interactive elements, good practices and cross-industry exchange to share existing knowledge
  • 100% online and on-demand
  • An online learning platform for desktop and smartphone

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