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The 100% online-based climate education program to skill up your entire workforce. Short and interactive climate essential courses co-developed by leading experts to get all your employees empowered to start with what matters the most now - take climate action.

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Essentials Climate Action


A quick start into your climate transformation

More and more employees are now willing to take climate action at their workplace in order to contribute towards a net-zero and sustainable future. The essentials climate education courses are a great tool to get everybody motivated and provide the right setting to upskill and empower your entire workforce. Are you in?

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Our joint ambition

Empower and upskill your entire workforce

Climate action needs more than a single specialized department working in a silo. What it needs is the commitment and willingness of all your employees. The essentials courses enable you to achive exactly that:

  • Communicate your climate action ambition to all your employees and get started
  • Increase the awareness and motivation and get everybody on board
  • Upskill and empower your entire workforce to contribute towards your climate transformation
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Climate education

Efficient, customized & sustainable

The essentials climate education courses address all your employees and contain:

  • A customized program - select a set of relevant courses for your entire company
  • Individual access for all your employees
  • Short and digestible learning sessions conducted by leading experts
  • Interactive quizzes to test and maintain the knowledge


In a nutshell

Customized program and individually selectable courses for your company

100% online (on-demand)

Easily digestible content

Interactive quizzes

20+ international academic and business speakers

Glacier learning plattform or integration in existing learning solutions

Are you in to empower your employees and quick start your climate transformation?

Contact us and we're happy to support your climate action ambition.

Your benefits

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Empower your employees, raise awareness for climate activation

The essentials climate education program is the ideal tool to not only communicate your internal ambition but also create a company-wide climate action awareness.

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Invest into the future, save time and money

We offer a plug and play ready climate education solution that saves your company time and money. Your employees can start their learning journey right away and thus actively contribute towards your climate transformation.

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Educational content that is available at any time

Thanks to the online-based on-demand essentials format all your employees can access the learning sessions from everywhere and at any time and thus integrate them into their individual work routines.


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