CARMA makes climate action simple

Our Carbon Manager, or CARMA for short, helps you and your company to calculate, reduce and offset CO₂ emissions. Scientifically sound and yet super simple.

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This is how easy it is to make your
company climate neutral


Our carbon calculator is scientifically sound, yet the data query is simpler and more intuitive than the rest. Establish your company's carbon profile faster than ever before.


CARMA provides you with scientifically sound, tailor-made measures for carbon reduction and exhibits innovative products that can help you implement them.


With CARMA, you can offset unavoidable emissions via certified partners and climate action projects at the touch of a button. This makes climate action super simple.

All this can be done


Establish your carbon profile by means of a simple, yet scientifically sound data query.


Concrete tailor-made climate actions and innovative solution providers for carbon reduction.

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Curated portfolio of verified offset projects to compensate for unavoidable carbon emissions.

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Dashboard on climate action taken and emissions saved on your company's climate journey.

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"I have not yet seen a platform like CARMA of this quality in Austria, even though I have researched it intensively. I find CARMA really intuitive and holistically designed!

Paul Erian
Research, Technology and Innovation Manager -

"CARMA helps us, as Austria's largest mobility club, to calculate our greenhouse gas emissions and is thus an important pillar of our climate action journey. We particularly appreciate the opportunity to offer our climate action solutions in the area of mobility to other participating companies as well as to be able to make use of solutions from other companies ourselves."

David Anders & Katharina Babel
Innovation Manager - ÖAMTC

"The Carbon Manager is the tool that us was missing in the implementation. It's great that others have racked their brains over what measures can be taken and we can go straight into implementation."

Marcus Ihlenfeld
Founder & CEO - Woom

Experience how simple corporate climate action can be.