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Who is Glacier

Glacier is a climate startup from Austria with the vision to bring Climate Action into the DNA of every company. Through empowerment & education of employees in various formats, such as a Climate Academy and a Climate Week, Climate Action in companies is made simple, understandable and concrete.

With Glacier's support, employees can not only drive climate action in their company and make an immediate impact, but also connect with others facing the same big challenges and share best practices and experiences, making the Glacier Community the most effective global community for Climate Action.

What does Glacier offer?

Glacier offers companies two programs to raise awareness, climate knowledge and climate competencies of their employees.

  • The Glacier Climate Academy is a multi-week training program for employees who want to get involved in climate action in their company and in their private lives.
  • Glacier Climate Week is an annual action week that takes place in hundreds of companies at the same time. Glacier provides an online live stream with international top speakers, as well as 30+modules (workshops & activities). Companies, together with their employees, watch the livestream, do workshops and set climate actions. Glacier supports the preparation of a customized agenda.

Who can use the Glacier offer?

Our offer is primarily aimed at companies. A participation in the Glacier Climate Week is usually completed by companies. The same applies to the Glacier Climate Academy, where companies provide their employees with further training.

However, the offer of the Glacier Climate Academy is also interesting for individuals who want to acquire climate competencies and convince with "Green Skills" on the job market.

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Glacier Climate Week

What is the Glacier Climate Week?

Glacier Climate Week is an action week that takes place once a year. During the Climate Week, companies give their employees the opportunity to deal intensively with climate action in the company, to identify measures and implement them.

The goal is to bring the topic of climate action closer to employees at all levels and to actively include it in their sustainability goals.

Where does the Glacier Climate Week take place?

The Glacier Climate Week is a hybrid event of a special kind. It takes place on-site at the respective participating company and is accompanied by an online livestream. The Climate Week is therefore an event that takes place in hundreds of companies in parallel - separately and yet together.

How does the Glacier Climate Week work?

Glacier Climate Week is based on 3 pillars:

  • Learn: The online livestream with inspiring keynotes & discussions with top international speakers.
  • Act: Climate Action in the companies with a choice of 30+ modules (workshops & activities) for the whole team.
  • Connect: Sharing best practices within the Glacier community and networking at numerous side events.

Each company can choose the most exciting modules from each area to create a customized agenda. Glacier makes all content available via its own online platform and supports organizers in their preparation with webinars, videos and information materials.

Who can participate in the Glacier Climate Week?

Participation in Glacier Climate Week is possible for companies of all sizes.

Glacier has companies with less than 10 employees as well as corporations with several thousand employees among its customers.

How much does it cost to participate in the Glacier Climate Week?

The costs for a participation in the Glacier Climate Week depend on the size of the company based on the number of employees:

  • € 1.490 (< 50 MA)
  • € 2.990 (51-250 MA)
  • € 4.990 (251-1000 MA)
  • € 9.990 (1.001 - 10.000 MA)
  • € 19.990 (> 10.000 MA)

Participation also includes 1 registration to the Glacier Climate Academy basic course worth € 990.

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Glacier Climate Week

What is the Glacier Climate Academy?

The Climate Ranger Academy is a multi-week online continuing education program focused on climate protection in business.

What courses are available at the Glacier Climate Academy?

Currently 2 courses are offered:

  • Basic course (4 weeks)
  • Advanced course (6 weeks)

For whom is the Basic Course suitable?

The basic course is aimed at people who:

  • are enthusiastic about the topic of climate action and want to learn more.
  • who voluntarily deal with the topic of climate action in their company.
  • who want to become internal contact persons in their department.
  • have no prior knowledge of climate protection within the company.
  • want to take the first steps in the company to establish climate action.

For whom is the Advanced Course suitable?

The advanced course is aimed at people who:

  • have completed the basic course.
  • have some prior knowledge of climate action.
  • have already gained experience in corporate climate action.
  • have been assigned by the company to drive the topic.

How much does it cost to participate in the Glacier Climate Academy?

For the following participation fee you can take part in the multi-week courses:

  • Basic course: € 990
  • Advanced course: € 1.490
  • Bundle: € 1.990 (basic course & advanced course)

Up to 2 months before the start of the course, there are discounted "Early Bird Tickets" (Basic Course € 890, Advanced Course € 1.290, Bundle € 1.790).

How can I register for the Acacemy?

Directly in our online registration portal or you write us via the contact form.

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