Climate Leaders Circle

How to build an internal Movement

Join us on October 12th and learn from inspiring speakers "how to build an internal movement".

Climate Leaders Circle

How to build an internal Movement

Live & On-Demand
12.10.2023 , 17:30 - 20:00

Motto: Bring your Climate Ranger (Every Climate Leader can bring one Climate Ranger from their company)

Join us for an empowering event on ”How to build an internal Movement" where industry experts will share insights and strategies to foster organizational change. Discover innovative approaches to engage employees, inspire collaboration, and drive impactful initiatives from within.

This Climate Leaders Circle will equip you with the tools needed to cultivate a powerful internal movement in your company. So let`s ignite transformation and drive collective action!

Location: UniCredit Center Am Kaiserwasser, Vienna (or Online via Livestream)

Don't forget to invite one Climate Ranger of your choosing! This Climate Leaders Circle is about how to start an internal movement and who would be better to support this undertaking than a motivated Climate Ranger?! Please note that this invite is limited to you and one Climate Ranger of your choice (please register seperately for the additional Climate Ranger you bring).


Zoe Samuel

Zoey Samuel, Google Sustainability Movement Starter

Rita Isiba 01

Rita Isiba, Engagement & Inclusion Strategist

testimonial foto zadrazil port

Robert Zadrazil, CEO UniCredit Bank Austria

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How to build an internal movement