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We are Glacier

We have made climate action our job. Our aim is that you can do the same - in your company and with the help of our programs. That's why we launched Glacier.

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Our mission

Make climate action work!

Millions of people around the world are determined to fight climate change. If you're reading this, you're probably one of them. But what can we do to actually make a difference? And can we also make a contribution at work?

We asked ourselves these very same questions. And that's why we have launched Glacier. We made climate action our job. And you can do the same - together with your company and our help.

Bring climate action into your company: Make climate action work!

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This is Glacier

About us

We are an international team of climate enthusiasts, product experts, and community builders. But we are also entrepreneurs, students, parents, and nature lovers. We are united by the desire to leave a livable planet for future generations and to take action against the climate crisis. We are convinced that there are people in every company with a passion for climate protection who can get the ball rolling. We call them Climate Rangers. And when many Climate Rangers put their heads together, they achieve great things.

People behind Glacier

Our team


Andreas Tschas

CEO & Co-Founder


Rainhard Fuchs

CCO & Co-Founder

Nina Aichinger 1

Nina Aichinger

Head of People & Culture


Simon Hell



Alissa Kovarik

Product Manager


Thomas Wohlfahrtstätter



Johanna Köllner

E-Learning Project Manager

Sophia Tanev

Sophia Tanev

Finance Manager


Nathalie Rehrl

Digital Learning Designer


Magdalena Wallis

Program Manager


Sophie Wirth

Finance Manager


Sebastian Habersack-Martos

Customer Success Manager


Denise Kovarik

Program Manager


Timon Filz

Graphic Designer


Climate action requires a transformation that can only be achieved together. Our goal is therefore to support companies and their employees in the climate transformation and thus bring climate action into the DNA of all companies.

Andreas Tschas, Glacier CEO & Co-Founder

Net Zero since Day 1

That's our commitment! We see it as our duty to lead the way. We know: The future belongs to those companies that communicate their climate targets honestly and transparently. Vague target definitions and a lack of transparency are often signs of greenwashing. That's why we're all for full transparency and giving you an insight into how we live climate action at Glacier. Also, our first Sustainability Report will be published shortly. Stay tuned...

Report Mockup

Glacier's second Responsibility Report

To set a good example at every level, Glacier wants to provide complete stakeholder transparency with regard to the environmental, social and (in the future) economic impact of our work. That's the reason why we decided to publish a Responsibility Report every year from 2021 on. Here you can find our second report. We know that it is not perfect, but we aim to improve it every year.

With this report we want to:

  • foster and strengthen our own commitment to climate action.
  • reflect on our internal environmental and social processes in order to challenge our existing measures and continuously improve them.
  • provide transparency to our stakeholders, showing that we ‘walk the talk’ and do our best to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.
  • Be transparent about the measures we’ve implemented and our plans to provide comparable numbers and key indicators going forward.

What our partners say

Selected Voices

Gewessler freigestellt

Leonore Gewessler

Federal Minister for Climate, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

"Our future and that of our planet is in our hands - in the coming years we still have the opportunity to contain the climate crisis. Companies can lead the way and show how it can be done: with creativity, courage and an entrepreneurial will to shape the future."

Testimonial ingmar hoebarth

Ingmar Höbarth

Managing Director, Climate and Energy Fund

"Austria should become climate-neutral by 2040 - this is the only way we can counter the global climate crisis, which is hitting us particularly hard as an Alpine country. Companies are an important player in shaping the urgently needed energy turnaround. Glacier provides fast and uncomplicated support here."

Monika moerth

Monika Mörth

Managing Director, Federal Environment Agency

"How our society lives and does business today determines our future and that of our descendants. Glacier offers a good opportunity for companies to actively shape this future and reduce CO₂."

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