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With Climate Hours, we equip our partner companies with fundamental sustainability expertise. Practical, application-orientated and with concrete next steps.

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Climate hours


The Glacier Climate Hour Initiative

Glacier brings climate expertise to lay the foundations for a sustainable transformation.

  • Cross-company training initiative
  • Teaching basic climate protection & ESG skills
  • With experts from science and business such as Eckart von Hirschhausen and other top speakers
  • Supporting materials, concrete measures and fields of action

Practical, application-orientated and interactive

Climate Hours

90 minutes livestream

Active involvement of participants with voting, quiz questions etc.

Certificate after successful completion of the Climate Hours

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make climate action work

Every job is a climate job

"Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for us at ServiceNow. Customers are demanding solutions that make it easy for them to create ESG reports and keep track of progress. Good monitoring is the basis for identifying sources of unnecessary CO2 emissions and checking the effectiveness of measures taken. Our Now Platform® is ideally equipped for such tasks. We supply the versatile modular system and see Glacier as the experts who creatively get the most out of our platform. Together with Glacier, we are exploring new, easy-to-implement climate action options for companies"

Robert Rosellen
Area Vice Presiden


The challenge of climate change

Threat to your core business

64% of companies already see climate change as a threat to their core business. This is the outcome of a survey published in 2022 by the global consultant KPMG. A similarly large proportion of companies also believe that they will no longer be able to achieve the climate targets they have set themselves, which represents a major financial risk. (Source: KPMG; Deloitte)

Innovation & new business models

Aside risks, climate change also offers companies with new business opportunities. The development of new competences, green skills and innovation mindsets can lead to more sustainable products, services and business models that focus on a more efficient use of resources, less energy consumption and lower emissions.

ESG regulations & compliance

ISO 14001, SFRD, NFRD, CSRD, ESRS, EU Supply Chain Directive & Co. Sustainability reporting is becoming increasingly complex and a decisive criterion for customers, investors, banks and authorities. This entails financial risks for companies that do not act sustainably.

Reputation & Employer Branding

58% of employees would even change employers for a more sustainable job offer. This poses challenges for companies in retaining and recruiting new talent. Climate action measures can therefore lead to an increase in reputation, satisfaction and employer branding (source: Aviva).

Climate change-related costs

Climate-related cost and financial risks are growing steadily and have tangible impacts on companies, sectors and economies as a whole. Rising CO2 prices, increased risk premiums, financing of adaptation measures and consequential damages are just a few examples of costs that companies will face if they fail to act.

Upskilling & competence development

According to the career network LinkedIn, the demand for green skills is growing disproportionately. This is a demand that the labour market cannot meet. The training of employees and the development of internal competences therefore plays a key role in the fight against climate change and in ensuring competitive advantages (source: LinkedIn).

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Renowned experts

Together with leading experts, we will address relevant climate topics. The topics range from the basics of climate change and the role of companies and employees to ESG, net zero and change management.

Compact ESG & climate knowledge

Contents of the Climate Hours

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Many hands make climate work


The more companies that actively support climate protection, the better the future will be for us all. Register here and be part of the next Climate Hours!