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Individual learning paths for the entire workforce: Start developing your internal climate competence and reinforce your ESG and sustainability strategy.

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Modular learning offer

Step by step towards a smaller footprint

The Climate Academy is an efficient "green upskilling" solution for your entire workforce. The modular training programme, which is based on short learning units, supports your company in quickly and comprehensively building sustainability skills and achieving your climate action and sustainability goals. The interactive learning offer not only increases the motivation of your employees, but also provides them with the necessary awareness, basic knowledge and the crucial skills to recognise sources of emissions in the company, identify ESG challenges and develop sustainable measures and solutions.

Essentials & Deep Dives

Our modular learning offer

Climate Change LXP Thumbnail
Incl. Quizzes

Compact information on the current state of science:

  • Why is our earth warming? What are the causes of the current climate change?
  • Climate change has always existed - what is different this time?
  • What can we do to prevent the climate crisis from becoming a climate catastrophe?

Climate Change 101

Basics Module

Climate Ranger LXP Thumbnail

The time has come to create a sustainable future:

  • What's my impact as an employee?
  • Why is change so difficult?
  • How can I motive myself and others?

Be a Climate Hero

Basics Module

Coporate Climate Action LXP Thumbnail
Incl. Quizzes

Regulatory frameworks, challenges and opportunities for companies:

  • Why should companies not only commit to climate action, why do they even have to?
  • What measures can companies take, how can they prepare for the impacts of climate change?
  • What is our role and how can we all become Climate Rangers?

Climate Action in Your Company

Basics Module

ESG Reporting Regulations Masterclass kleiner

What is ESG and how can companies benefit?

  • The importance of ESG for companies and the link between environmental, social and governance factors.
  • The differences between climate neutral, net zero, CO2 positive
  • The role of companies, individuals and consumers

ESG 101

Basics Module

Circulra Economy LXP Thumbnail
Incl. Quizzes

Principles, benefits and best practices of a circular economy:

  • Principles and characteristics of a circular economy
  • Advantages for businesses and individuals compared to a linear economy
  • Examples of circular economy practices and strategies

Circular Economy

Basics Module

Personal Carbon Footprint LXP Thumbnail
Incl. Quizzes

Knowledge about the CO₂ footprint and concrete measures to reduce CO₂ emissions:

  • The most important basics and concepts on the CO₂ footprint (CO₂ equivalents, greenhouse gas emissions, product, individual carbon footprint)
  • Calculate CO₂ footprint and derive potential for action

Personal Carbon Footprint

Basics Module

Corporate Carbon Footprint LXP Thumbnail
Incl. Quizzes

Corporate CO₂ footprint, how it is calculated and can be reduced:

  • Need for data collection for the CO₂ calculation
  • Main emissions of the CO₂ footprint classification according to Scope 1, 2 and 3
  • Identify areas of action and derive first reduction measures

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Basics Module

Pexels antoni shkraba 4348078
Incl. Quizzes

How to create an environmentally friendly workplace:

  • Influence of our work and processes in the areas of food, mobility, energy, etc.
  • Identifying CO₂ drivers and resource consumption in the office and home office
  • Simple steps to make everyday work life more climate-friendly

Green Office

Basics Module


What is biodiversity and what can we do to maintain it:

  • Biodiversity basics and benefits
  • What role does biodiversity play for companies?
  • What can employees and companies do for biodiversity at the company site?


Basics Module

Greenwashing LXP Thumbnail

More and more products and companies are wrongly labled as climate-friendly:

  • What does greenwashing mean and why is it problematic?
  • How can greenwashing be recognised and avoided using clear indicators?
  • What are good and worst practice examples that serve as orientation?

Anti Greenwashing

Basics Module

Incl. Quizzes

Opportunities and challenges in the area of mobility:

  • Moving away from diesel and petrol: How can the mobility transition work?
  • Employee mobility: A more climate-friendly way of travelling to and from work
  • Mobility strategies to reduce the CO2 footprint


Basics Module

Shifaaz shamoon o R0u ERT Vy D0 unsplash

What is the digital footprint and how does our digital behaviour affect it:

  • Basics and definition of the digital footprint
  • The biggest influencing factors: data processing, internet traffic, etc.
  • Optimising work processes to minimise the digital footprint

Digital Carbon Footprint

Basics Module

Masterclass hero 1
Deep Dive

Become a climate leader and anchor climate action in the DNA of your company:

  • Necessary tools and strategies for company-wide climate transformation
  • How to balance corporate and climate goals
  • The role of the "leader" in achieving the company's climate action goals

Sustainable Leadership

Management Learning Path | 6 Modules

Masterclass hero 4
Deep Dive

How to communicate climate action measures correctly and build trust in your company:

  • Know how to communicate climate action effectively
  • Know and apply analytical methods for CSR communication
  • Good practice from the field of marketing and communication

Climate Communication

Marketing Learning Path | 6 Modules

Victor 0 NJ9ur G Xr Ig unsplash
Deep Dive

Opportunities and challenges of climate transformation in the construction & real estate industry:

  • Importance of ESG factors and regulatory requirements
  • Operational & Embodied Carbon, Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings and the Circular Economy
  • Good practices and ESG trends in the construction & real estate industry

Construction & Real Estate

Industry Learning Path | 8 Modules

Kentaro toma LVAH bmk8 Rg unsplash
Deep Dive

Opportunities and challenges of climate transformation in retail:

  • Importance of ESG factors and regulatory requirements for companies in the retail industry
  • Relevant concepts such as LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and Circular Economy
  • Good practices and ESG trends in retail


Industry Learning Path | 8 Modules

Climate expertise for your company?

Companies that want to master their climate action and sustainability challenges and secure a decisive competitive advantage must act now. Are you ready?

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Didactic framework

Framework-based competence development

All Climate Essentials learning modules are based on the proprietary Glacier Framework for Sustainability Skills. During their learning journey, employees develop the awareness and basic knowledge to understand the background, challenges and opportunities of climate change. Through application-oriented competences, they are also empowered to develop sustainable work and professional practices and to drive climate protection and sustainability in your company. The Climate Essentials thus make an active contribution to the sustainability transformation in your company.

Depending on the learning module, different sustainability skills are developed in the following areas

  • Awareness of problems, opportunities and solutions
  • Collaboration, decision-making and circular thinking
  • Systemic, creative and exploratory thinking
  • Resilience, communication and self-empowerment
Climate Competences English


Acting smart

Are you looking to equip your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively tackle climate change? Our Glacier Climate Academy provides not only the necessary awareness of climate action skills, but also hands-on, practical training to implement measures quickly and effectively in your organization. Our education content includes concrete recommendations for action, best practices, and practical examples from a variety of industries, along with interactive elements to reinforce newly learned skills. With our actionable climate education training, your employees will be well-equipped to make a real difference in the fight against climate change.

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Who is the Climate Academy for?

Corporate climate training



The climate essentials aim to educate employees and efficiently establish climate action knowledge and awareness in your company. In short, interactive and engaging modules, your employees will learn all the relevant basics and effects of climate change as well as the necessary skills and effective measures to take action and successfully navigate the associated challenges.

More and more employees are willing to get involved in climate action in their company. The Essentials therefore offer an ideal opportunity for motivating employees and integrating them as an operational component of your ESG and sustainability strategy, strengthening their awareness for climate action and thus actively shaping your company's climate transformation.

Deep Dives

In-depth knowledge

Building on the foundations provided by the Climate Essentials, our Deep Dives offer department, topic, and industry-specific ESG and climate action skills to meet the individual challenges of everyday work. Through these learning paths, your employees will gain an understanding of the regulatory and environmental challenges related to climate change within their work environment. They will also be trained to develop long-term strategies and solutions, including practical measures for risk mitigation.

The in-depth Deep Dives provide your employees with practical knowledge to address ESG and sustainability challenges and opportunities to ensure your company's long-term competitive advantage.


Climate Academy Key Facts

Online learning platform for desktop, mobile or integration into existing learning systems (LMS/LXP)

Modular setup with learning paths from basic knowledge to expert know-how

100 % online for optimal integration into everyday working life

All content provided in German and English

Personalised company learning module on request

Co-developed by experts from academia & industry

Data analysis and reporting for sustainable success

Customer Success support during onboarding and ongoing usage

Official certificates after completion of the Glacier Climate Academy


Write us directly via the contact form or check out our FAQ page with answers to frequently asked questions about the Climate Academy.

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